Notice: Due to lack of free Reverse Phone Services this Extension is no longer userful
gMap it! formerly known as Map it!
Feburary 23, 2005
gMap it is a mozilla Firefox extension that allows you to find directions from google maps based on publicly listed phone numbers. If you are running Firefox 1.0 you can install this Extension by clicking on the following link:

Download gMapIt!

If the download does not start automatically, do a right click, click on save link as and save the file on the desktop. Then go to Firefox file menu and click on Open File and click on the file you just downloaded.

But Why?
Why did we create this? It all started after my frustrating surfing experience on a BlackBerry Mobile Device. Getting directions from well known sites is futile at best. So it got me thinking which is a remarkable event in itself. The one piece of information we have for sure on a cell phone is phone numbers. The device knows your number and the number of your acquaintance/relative/friend. So it would be so much simpler if we have a ui/mechanism where I can say get me directions to this number from my number. If the phone is gps enabled then the starting point can be your gps point. Anyway, long story short we now have a Firefox plugin that gives you directions between two publicly listed phone numbers.

Note to Firefox users: When you click on the gMap it download link, you may receive a message at the top of your browser content area. This message will state, "To protect your computer, Firefox prevented this site from installing software on your computer." Please click on the "Edit Options..." button shown to the right of the message.

Click on the "Allow" button and then click on the "OK" button. The gMap it installation will start. This is due to the fact that the our site is not listed in your whitelist. You will then click on the install button,

Firefox will ask you to restart the browser before you see the extension.


Once installed you will see a menu item in your tools menu or right click menu as shown in the following pics. (Notice the gMap it menu under Themes)

Also you will see gMap it menu when you do a right click.


The first thing that you will do is click on the Start Phone menu item which will pop up a screen as follows

This is most likely your home phone number or your office phone number or whereever you spend most of your time.

If the operation is successful you should see a screen like this

Otherwise you will get a screen like this

Have Fun

Thats it, now you are ready to rock and roll. Whenever you come across a phone number highlight it and find the directions to it from your start phone


After you click on 'Get Directions To' you should see a page as follows

Go to the Tools menu and click on Extensions. High light the gMap it plugin and click on the uninstall button. Next time you start Firefox it will disappear.
Go to the Tools menu and click on Extensions. High light the gMap it plugin and do a right click. You will see a update menu item. Click on it. If there are any updates you will get them.
1) What if the start phone number and the "Get Directions To" phone number are not publicly listed?
You will see the front page of google maps.
2) What if only one of the phone numbers is publicly listed?
You will see a map with the address of the phone number that was found.
3) Sometimes the "Get Directions To" phone number may not have a area code. Will Map it work?
Yes it will work by grabbing the area code from the start phone.
4) Sometimes the Window pops up but no map is displayed on the window, even though i see addresses in the search box.
If you do see addresses in the search box but no map, click on the search button again.


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